Tuesday, December 28, 2010


  Life is an amazing journey. Take mine for exsample ,When i was a child all I wanted to be was a cowboy. Like most kids I suspect. My Dad was a mechanic on the MEE ranch out of King City I remember the mexican cowboys riding in to the ranch and them playing with their ropes. I was in awe of these men. Then we moved to McDermitt NV when my Pops got a job as a High school AG teacher. We lived in or around that area 4 years. So that was first to fourth grade for me. We a had a neighbor who buckaroo'd his whole life, Wish I could remember his name. He would catch us playing and tell us story's about cowboying as he rolled a smoke with one hand and talked with the other.  We thought that was a cool trick! Then my Pops students were all raised on ranches or around it so they would tell us story's. I remember going on to a camp in the Black Rock desert, that my Dads students were work on. Seeing the horses and cow's.  I thought this is what I'm gonna do. Then we moved back to California and there wasn't anybody around us that cowboyed mostly ran cows and farmed. Then being closer to towns and people and everything else. I lost the path I had chosen. As I got older I thought I wanted to live in the bright lights and busy city. I was trying to fill a hole in myself and didn't know it. I worked as a sandblaster/ painter for way to long. One of my neighbor's was a hunting guide and I went out with him hunting hog's. That slowly worked into a part time job guiding w/ him. I was slowly awaking to the fact I needed to be outside. I felt more comfertable on a ridge in the early morning light looking for pigs than anywhere else. Thank you Eldon for taking me in and teaching me outdoor skills. It was with Eldon that I learn to hunt and track. I shot my first deer with him. I was still living in town and working out of town on the road. I tried ridin bucking horses a preacher had a string of buckin horses all you had to do was listen to him preach and then ride as many as you wanted till dark. I got a couple covered, it was fun but I was in no way gonna be a bronc rider.  Jump ahead acouple years now. I was with a gal and it didn't work out after a couple years and I knew I needed to to some thing with my life. I was just running around in circles after we broke up. I decided I was gonna take the summer and get away from everything and everybody and think.
   So I made a list of dude ranches that I wanted to work at and started calling. I wanted to be in Wyoming or Montana. I got to the 3rd ranch on the list and got a job as a wrangler in Dubois Wyo.
  Well it time for me to go to work here. I'll finish this saga soon. So until next time take care


Anonymous said...

Keep it coming...good stuff.

Linda said...

You're a great writer Jake........lookin' forward to learning more about you and your part of the world!