Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

 This is gonna be just what the title say's it is........My ramblings about most everything. I get alot of time to think about life, nature, human relations, animals or just what ever pops in to my head. I hope to be entertaining at the very least maybe even thought provoking......Or maybe just a day log.
  So the run down on today was feeding cows and calves. A little swearing was thrown in for color, which I am trying to stop the swearing that is. Just not a fan of net wrap on the hay bales,  it freezes to the hay and is a really pain to pull off.  Here's a picture from last spring feeding cows.
  Well I'm getting tired looking at this screen and trying to figure this out how to work the blog deal. So until next time. Take care.


theHolism said...

Eating my warm bowl of cream of wheat right now at the moment I said to myself, "There you go Jake!". I'm tickled about your new blog site so that I'm able to follow some of your thoughts about life and such.

I hope you'll post your new blog posts in facebook so that I'd be able to know when you've posted a new blog.

Had a good chuckle on the subject of swearing.

What part of S.E. Montana are you in? We spent some time up there earlier this year visiting some of our friends at Lame Deer and drove around Ashland as well as Broadus. It's a special place.

~ Barry

Jinglebob said...

Great start Jake1 Just keep it up. Don't worry it will be entertaining! Merry Christmas to you and yours!