Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Keepin up

Here's our Christmas tree in the wild. We go every year and cut our own. We are making it into our family tradition. We had a great day getting this tree. We went and feed some cows.    I showed Sharon a little more of the ranch.
  My boss and his Dad bought a team of Halflinger mares. So we have been feeding with the team. It's fun learning how to harness and drive. Im doing this posting from my new phoneso I hope works.
Until next time take care.


Linda said...

I've heard of Haflingers, but I don't believe I've ever seen one. They look well suited for the job, though. Love your Christmas tree. I'll be looking forward to seeing it all decked out for the holiday.

Crystal said...

Oh I wish we had a Christmas tree out here to cut, but we only have leafy trees (deciduous I think)
I love the pic of the Haflingers, I so love to drive, and I have a sled and wagon for drafts and a cutter for a regular horse, maybe I should hook up someone this winter.