Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chariot races

       I went and outrode for the chariot races this weekend. Our friends from Dubois was racing in Glendo so I went over and helped out. Lots of fun and really cool to watch. It really is something to hear the horse's hoove's thunder down the track. Four horse's at a dead run is awesome. Thats why they have outriders in case the driver can't get they horses shut down. We ride along side to the gates and at the end of the track. John warming up his wife's team here.
   Heres a shot of the teams going to the gates.
I took my horse El Gato. We took the teams up to the gates. I didnt want to race him along side the chariots. Im still learning Gato and I want to make sure I can do the job of shutting teams. He did great. I put him in the low pressure places. He really wanted to run when the gates banged open though. I love riding and using horse's.
John horse's ready to go home. There are four horses there gotta look close.
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aurora said...

What a cool experience!! You were right, I had to look really hard to find that fourth sneaky horse!

Elizabeth Martin said...

This looks awesome!!!!

Crystal said...

Oh every time I see Chariot races they looks so scary, makes chuckwagon racing look tame!!

Linda said...

I was totally surprised when I first learned of modern-day chariot racing from your friend, Betty, several weeks ago. How neat that you were able to go and outride for her and John this weekend. But you left out one very important piece of information. How did they do in the races? :)

Sally said...

Didn't you participate in the chariot races in Dubois a few years back? Glad you have such a nice horse, love your pictures framed by his ears.