Saturday, November 3, 2012

Working G horse

  Here's Wyoming weather. Gotta love it. I took these pictures with my cell phone and just figured out how to get them on here.The snow was 2 weeks ago. I'm riding my G horse the mustang. If you look at the neck you can see the BLM brand.
Here's the view from my office. Looking for cows.
This picture was taken acouple days before the snow. We were riding in shirts.

 I was hauling hay today and it felt like a spring day.
Until next time take care


Linda said...

The best ranching photos are those framed by a horse's ears. :)

Crystal said...

I love pics with ears in them!! Looks like he is working out for you.

cindy d said...

Hi Jake, I am new to your blog, I also live in WY.
I love your office view....waaaaay better than mine! Can I come work for you??? :)

Anonymous said...

Give Sharon a birthday hug from me please! Great photo's as always. Hope to get to see this horse in person sometime....