Thursday, November 15, 2012

20 weeks

      I got the day off yesterday to go with Sharon to the Doctor's. It was the big ultra-sound day. We could have found out the sex of the baby but I really dont want to know until the baby is born. I think that it is the biggest suprise and present a person can have . We have a very active baby. He/She was doing a lot of swimming and moving. The Bean gave us a couple thumbs up in the pictures. It really is just amazing to see our baby in the womb. Sharon has a beautiful glow about her.
     After the Doctor appointment we went to the AT&T store in Douglas. We didnt know there was an AT&T store there. We decided to upgrade our phones. The store was busy so we went to the pawn shop but the car wouldn't start. So we went to O'Reilly Auto to see if they could help us test the battery. They were really helpful they sent a guy to help us. When we were looking for the problem a guy came out of the AT&T store and helped us find the problem. The starter went bad. 178,000 miles on my wifes Jeep. John said he lived just up the street and if I wanted he would tow us up there to change out the starter. We towed it up and he helped me change it out. It sure was nice to have tools and a jack and lights to work on the Jeep. Sharon and his son watched tv in the warm house. Im so glad I has there with Sharon when her Jeep broke down.
     Today we preg checked cows about 350 of them ol'grouchy rips.
Until next time take care


Linda said...

Oh wow. Things could have gone so wrong without the help of those good folks from O'Reilly's and the phone store. It's heartwarming to hear of folks helping others like that. I'm sure Sharon would have managed, but I'm also sure she was glad to have you along.

Shirley said...

Had to laugh at the last line- good thing your pregnant wife isn't a grouchy ole rip!