Sunday, November 11, 2012

Water work

   Friday we worked on a water project. We needed to add a rubber tire tank for storage.
Finished Tank.
Here's the pasture we were working in. Not a bad view huh?
We worked in the shop yesterday it was snowing and cold. Just puttered around with some projects.
   We are on week 19 of the pregnancy. Everything is going great. Sharon has a Doctor appointment next week. Just a check up and ultra-sound. We are very excited to be parents!! Prettty scary also.
  Until next time take care
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Linda said...

Where do you get tires that big, Jake? They look even bigger than traditonal tractor tires. Great view, indeed.

Crystal said...

Them tires make a great stock tank. Do you use them in the winters too?

Jake said...

There is a place in town that sells the tire's. They are off the trucks and tractors used in the mines. We use the tanks all winter. They are great! The black absorbs heat and when we are breaking ice out of them if you slip with an axe you cant break a hole in it.