Tuesday, November 6, 2012


   Monday was my brides brithday.... We celebrated by going to Cheyenne and just hanging out and doing what Sharon wanted to do. We met up with a friend of Sharon's and were gonna have lunch but she had to leave earlier than planned. So Sharon and I just wondered through the mall. We got Sharon a new wedding band. It's a nice little Black Hills gold band. Sharons fingers are starting to swell form the baby. Sharon loves wearing a wedding ring so................. We got her a pretty ring for her Birthday. We  are 18 1/2 weeks along now with the baby. So almost half way!! I can't wait to hold the baby.
    We went into a fabric store... I know imagine that being married to a quilter. Sharon got a bunch supplies she needs for making stuff for the Christmas Bazaar in town. But we got my some silky polyester so Sharon will make a neck rag or wild rag for me. Pretty nice huh?

We went to the AT&T store and looked at new phones. We are up for new one's. Mine is starting to piss me off. The screen is just to small and I have a hard time reading stuff. Sharon want's to just upgrade. We use our phone for lots of stuff. We did upgrade our aircard it's how we get internet here. The new deal is called a Hotspot and we can now run both computers at the same time. Pretty nice once we got the bump's ironed out. The tec who sold us the Hotspot didn't change our plan so it didn't work until this afternoon. When Sharon finaly got it going. Love my wife!!
   We were gonna go shopping at Wal-mart but we just were having to nice of a day to go there and do the monthly shopping. We are really glad we did. Sharon will go to Scottsbluff later this week and do that shopping. We wandered around Barns and Nobles. Looking at books. Man I saw bunch of books I wanted.
   Here's my new horse El Gato after a day of work. He's looking for his grain and to get the saddle off his back.
We are shipping cows tomorrow. I'm gonna ride my horse G. My other bay mustang horse. Haha.
Until next time take care


Linda said...

Happy birthday to Sharon. Love that material she's going to use to make a neck rag for you. El Gato looks like he held up well after his hard day's work. Hope you didn't make him wait too long for that grain and unsaddling. :)

Crystal said...

Sounds like a good birthday and I like the fabric for your wild rag.

cindy d said...

Well Happy Birthday to your Bride, and that will make a great neck scarf! I think it is cool when cowboys are man enough to wear different colored scarves!
I have a question about your internet thingy. I am dealing with Wild Blue Satalite (sp?) right now and I hate hate hate it. Even with a brand new computer is is slower than molasses in Jan and with teenagers in the house it is easy to go over my monthly "alloted usage" My boyfriend has AT&T so he could easily get the hotspot you talk about. Does it work very well? Is your internet relatively fast? I have accepted that there is no such thing as lightening fast in WY, but I'd be happy with uploading a pic in under a minute!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you accept a (probably stupid) question from a city girl half a world away? Why do you "handcuff" your horse? Would he take advantage of having more freedom of movement tied to the rail? I have never seen this before. Thank you!

I enjoy your blog and think you have a beautiful "office" with a great view!

Greetings, Katharina

Jake said...

I hobble his feet when he is tied so that he doesnt learn to wander. Training him so when he is hobbled in a pasture he wont leave.There is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask away. Hope you enjoy my blog.

Anonymous said...

How kind of you to reply, thank you! I learned a new word and understand your explanation. I think your horse has a "good soul" face. I very much enjoy your blog and getting a glimpse of your work in beautiful Wyoming.
With best wishes for you and yours, Katharina