Monday, November 12, 2012

19 weeks

   Here's my bride at 19 weeks. Sharon looks amazing carrying our baby!!
Yesterday the horse club I belong to had a demo put on by a clinician. Its always interresting to watch how someone works their horse's. We had our club meeting and some how I got elected Vice Prez. I've never held an office or done something like this. So I don't what I'm getting into. But I think it will be good for me.
   Until next time take care


Crystal said...

She does look good. I hae going to them meetings where you somehow end up with a job, but I think you will be good for it too.

Linda said...

Doug and I were in our forties when we met and married, so we have no children. I love seeing how excited you both are, anticipating the birth of your first. Sharon looks beautiful. You two are going to be good parents. And what a wonderful life for a child, being brought up on a ranch.

Shirley said...

Sharon looks so happy! Hope the pregnancy goes well, and of course we expect lots of baby pictures next spring!
I was VP for a riding club too, it's not a bad position, better than being the president or secretary!

aurora said...

Exciting times for you & Sharon - congrats!