Thursday, November 8, 2012


   We did our last shipping yesterday. Shipped about about 260ish calves. Then in the afternoon we poured on and gave shots to the heifer calves we held back as replacements for next year.
   One of the guys who works for the ranch wanted to start a mens Bible study. So we started last week. We will meet once a week till we get really busy again then sounds like we will met when we can. Its nice to get together and visit and for me to learn more about the Bible.
   We went to set a rubber tire tank this afternoon. The tractor is making a funny noise in the rear end. So we brought it back to the ranch and I'll take the other tractor over so we can finish doing the dirt work and set the tank.
   Looks like we are gonna get some cold weather this weekend with snow, 1-3 inches.  
until next time take care


Crystal said...

Have you started feeding already, looks like that in the pic.

Bible study sounds like a good way to keep up and visit as well.

Linda said...

Oh, I think it's so neat that your fellow ranch hands are meeting for regular Bible study. I'll pray that the Lord will guide you into a deeper relationship with Him through the study.