Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturdays workings

    We have been baling hay this last week. My boss finished baling the field early this morning. Then my boss rewarded himself and I by spending all day in the saddle checking cows. We found a couple calves that needed roping and doctoring. This picture I took from under the truck when we had lunch. My saddle on the ground, cooling my horses back.
 We went up to our Lance Creek pasture after checking cows. We went up there so my boss can show me some more of the ranch. That and we heard there was a fire there so we wanted to see what it looked like. Lucky it wasn't a very big fire. We can thank lighting for starting it.
Here's some black cows in the black or the burn.
Heres some of the country from a high point. I think this is amazing country. Cedar and pine trees in front and the buttes of the plains in the background.
 We are off to the cowboy poetry gathering tomorrow. Good Times. Have a great weekend and be safe.
Until next time take care
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Shirley said...

That sure is ranch country.Good thing all those trees didn't burn.