Monday, September 5, 2011

Devils Tower

    We made it to the Devils Tower Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering yesterday. Great fun!! Met Some people in person from a Ranching website I'm on.  It was a great day.
Sharon and the kids. Sharon and her "I never leave home without my quilting box". We had a Subway picnic lunch. We were gonna make a real picnic lunch but we just didn't get moving. So Subway it was.
  The performer's were Daron Little, DW Grothe, Robert Dennis, Chance Dennis and a lady I cant remember her name.
  It was a great day we just relaxed and enjoyed the music and poems. I linked Daron's name to his website, So go check it out.
 Until next time take care


Sarah said...

sounds like an awesome day and you had awesome weather to enjoy it with! We drove a load of cattle by Devil's Tower once a few years ago. I'd like to go back sometime and take a closer look. Its a pretty area! Sharon and her quilting box. Does she quilt by hand? Cool! I admire her patience!

Ed said...

Sounds like fun, ever since as a kid I saw Close Encounters I have always wanted to see the tower in person..:-)

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great day and subway is a whole lot better than some places! JB (Robert Dennis) is one of my favorite bloggers and the hubby and I are going to take a trip next summer to go spend sometime with him! Can't wait for that. Love that top picture.

Jake said...

Sarah- Sharon is doing a quilt by hand but she use's a machine most of the time. She is alway's sewing something or doing hand work.
Ed- It's pretty impressive. The whole country around here is pretty and impressive.
Lisa- JB is a character for sure. You'll have a great visit with him.

Shirley said...

A good way to spend the day. Too bad you didn't get some video of JB doin' his thing.

Anonymous said...

Followed your link to Daron Little really enjoyed his music, glad you had such a good time. Sally