Friday, September 9, 2011

My office today

   We are now done cutting hay for the year! All we have to do is bale now. Here was my view today.

It was kinda funny day. I hit a skunk with the swather, and boy did my nose and eyes let me know. I heard a thump sound and then a sensory overload. WOW! Glad the wind was blowing away from me.
  My boss got off his tractor and dang near stepped on a rattle snake. Lets just say the world is less one snake.
I'm going to a horse clinic tomorrow. Looking forward to that I'm just sitting in the stands but Im sure I'll learn a ton just watching.
Until next time take care


Jinglebob said...

Round and round we go! Hope you learn a lot. I always re remember the stuff I've forgotten while watching a clinic.

Shirley said...

Ah those endless rows!
Who is teaching the clinic? Take notes and photos!

lisa said...

I sometimes think you learn more by watching and observing than by participating. I leave that for the next time! Now that is some hay field, glad he didn't step on the darn thing! I remember my dog getting into a skunk, not good!!!