Saturday, September 10, 2011

Horse Clinic

     I never been to horse clinic before so I didn't know what to expect. I went and sat on the bench "kinda like sports for me in high school". I took an open mind and wanting to learn more about horses.
  Bruce Laird put on the clinic. He was easy to understand and did a really good job of explaining what he wanted the horses and riders to do. Here Bruce is explaining tension on the reins when a horse is bumping or throwing his head.
   Bruce talked about what he calls the teeter, that is when you rock a horse so his weight is on the front end then rock him back and his weight is on his hind end. It is just getting control of the horses feet. He said you need to think of the horses feet as your own. Because if he can't move easily when asked, he can't do the job being asked of him. Bruce working with a horse. Showing us how to get him soft on his leads.
  It was an day well spent. Now if I can just remember everything I learned. There was a wide variety of skill in the riders and horses. Its cool to see people so willing to learn to improve themselves and their horses.
  Until next time take care

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Shirley said...

An open mind and a good memory or at least some notes or photos is the best thing you can take to a clinic, except for a horse!