Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's workings

  Here's some pictures of us moving cows. It was a great day. It stayed sunny and breezy til we were done then when we were trotting back to the truck it got cold, windy and kinda trashy. Here Lotte keeping the cows moving.
 I love this life!
 Fancy did a great job today we still have a long way to go but she learns fast. Hope I can keep up with her.
 Just look at them clouds and the sky!!! Love Wyoming!!

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, March 27, 2011


    It the end of the week here, Sunday is the end of the week if you ask me. Lets see what has been going on in my life since the last post. Lots of fencing has taken up most of my working days. Fixing fence is some thing I kinda enjoy, I know some will disagree but it some thing I can work at my own pace as long as it gets done. I work by myself and can take the dog. Its just a ranch job that needs to be done.
   Friday night Sharon and I had a great date night. We went to Torrington its about a 45 minute-ish drive for us. We went out for dinner and the Theatre. There is a theatre company in Torrington that puts on plays about every 4 months. We saw "Honk the musicale of the Ugly Duckling" it was really good. I fell asleep once.... but that happens when I stop moving and it is dark and after 9pm. It was really nice to take my wife out for a little culture and a nice dinner.
   Saturday morning I saddled up my mare and trotted her the 4-5 miles to where I met my boss. We gathered up the replacement heifers and trailed them back to my place. Now they are on good grazing. It feels so good to be horse back. We then ran some dinks through the chute and gave them shots and trucked them to pasture.
   Today was great. We slept in and Sharon made a big breakfast of sourdough pancakes with just a touch of cinnamon mixed in, bacon and fried eggs oh yeah I made the coffee. We had a spent the day watching movies and working on the house putting stuff away. My plans to grade the driveway was put away. The weather was not gonna let me. It rained, snowed, sleeted was foggy and sunny. Pretty much every kind of weather. Thats the run down on the goings on here. Sorry no pictures, I took some with my phone but I dont know how to get them here. Take care

Monday, March 21, 2011


   So I got some saddle time today! It was great, I rode a ranch horse so I guess she is in my string. I would like to get another horse for myself, but I don't have the funds to buy a good ranch horse. So I will have to build one but thats alot of time. My mare is coming along be she has a ways to go before I can start roping on her. We roped and doctored three calves this morning. I'm learning alot. We did two man DR'ing on the pivot pasture. The pasture is a couple hundred acres. I hope the pictures will help explain what Im talking about.
   Mark is getting a shot ready. We are doctoring for foot rot.

Here's LILI holding a calf


Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm posting from my new phone. Its blackberry smart phone. It is pretty dang smart to. Maybe to smart. Justwanted to see if I could post. Ill try pictures to.

Friday, March 18, 2011


   So we have been busy here just trying to catch up on all the jobs that we will never be caught up with.......Its a ranch........ there is always some thing to do or fix. We will never get caught up and we know that. Yesterday the owners of the ranch called and will need a disk we have here, they are gonna pick it up next week. So we got it drug out and went to service it. Meaning grease it and make sure that it is ready to work. We ended up having to take to the disk apart to replace a couple bearings. It was not what we had planned to do. So what we had planned yesterday just got pushed to today and what was planned for today.........Well you get the idea.
   We cleaned and scraped out the calving barn today. We have some cows calving already. They aren't supposed to start till the end of the month. We aren't worried about those cows. Its the first time heifers that we will worry about. They are the ones that can have more problems. The reason they will or can have more problems is they have never calved before. They have smaller body's and don't know what to do. 
    Sounds like next week I will get some saddle time. We will be move cows to the pastures for them to calve. I'm looking forward to that. Hoping something needs to be roped also.
  Until next time take care

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


   The weather here has been really nice the last few days. We have been in the 50's during the days. It is so nice not to wear insulated bibs to stay warm.  My jeans will have to be washed more now that they don't have the bibs to keep them clean.
   We went into town tonight, the library has an event every month. The event this month was a cowboy poet and singer.  Hub Whitt was his name. He sang a bunch of songs and told acouple poems. He seemed to have a hard time remembering songs and some of his poems. He had a great time telling stories and visiting with us the audience though. It was fun listening to the stories. He is a nice guy.
    Some more good news Sharon got a job in town. She is working at the quilting shop. Its a part time job she is helping set up a webpage for the shop. She really likes the shop. So she is now around tons of fabric, that I am pretty sure some of it will find its way into her quilting stash...... I think its really cool that she has such a nack for sewing and quilting. As I am typing this Sharon is doing some red work embroidery.
  Until next time take care

Sunday, March 13, 2011


  Sorry its been a while since posting. I have been kinda busy. Learning the ranch here and how we run it. Still trying to get the house settled. Sharon has been doing a great job of getting stuff put away and organized. It is a job I'm glad she is doing. She has more patience than I do. We went from a big house to a smaller one. We like the house we are in better even if its smaller. We will be down sizing a bunch of our junk. We have stuff that just needs to go bye-bye. Either to the dump or Goodwill.
    I need to get out today and trim my mares feet. She is over due. Maybe put a ride on her and check some fence. Checking fence is a great way to learn the pastures.
   I have taken some pictures of the area and some stuff I have been doing but I don't know where the cord for the camera is. I'm sure it will show up, its probably in a box we haven't opened yet. So when I find that I will post some pictures.
  Until next time take care

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ranch Working's

    The weather has been cold and snowy here the last couple days. So been feeding cows in the morning and working in the shop in the afternoons. We have been cleaning and organizing the shop. It seems that there is never time to clean a shop, or maybe its just some thing that no one wants to do.
    Today we worked on the feed truck. The engine mounts needed to be replaced, the bale feeder on it needed some work and the truck just needed some TLC. So we gave her some much needed loving today. Trying to keep the old girl around and happy.
   Thats whats been happening here lately.
Until next time take care

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great Weekend

     I started my weekend early Saturday morning, 4:30 am is when the alarm went off. My boss and I left his house at 5:45am. We went to a ranch roping in Thermopolis. We picked up a couple other guys on the way. It was good to meet some people in the area.
     I just went to watch and learn how the ranch ropings work. How the points are given. I guess I should explain how they work. 10-15 roping cows are in an arena they have a number tag on them. The roping team is made of 3 people, one person need to head the cow another needs to rope the heels then the third person is the ground person. The ground person is the one who, after the cow is roped makes sure the ropes are on both front legs and both hind legs. The animal is stretched out between the horses. It is how we would doctor and brand the calves come branding season. This was a timed event if the cow isn't roped roped by the neck in 2 minutes the team is disqualifided. The teams have a total of 5 minutes to complete the job needed.
   It was good to go and see how this one worked some have different rules. I saw a bunch of friends I haven't seen since we moved. It really was a great time. I got home about 2 am so it made for a long day.
    I got to sleep in today till about 6am when the dogs woke us up. Sharon loves me, she got up and put the dogs out then we slept till a little after 7am.
    Today we went to Torrington to watch some of our friends from Dubois run in the chariot races. The races were really close. Our friends didn't win, but dang it was close! It has been a great weekend. Im tired though and think it should be an early night.
Until next time take care

Thursday, March 3, 2011

End of the Day

   Its the end of my third day of work at the new job. It has been really good. I really like the country around here. My boss is a good guy and his family is really nice and really making us feel at home here.
  I'm getting the hang of the place. We are still feeding here, we feed using a hydrabed on the pick-up. I really like the system. I'll try to post some picture of it soon.
  I took my mare and dog to work today. It is soooo nice to take my dog to work every day.  She loves going to work also. So when we got done feeding we moved some cows to another pasture. It wasn't a big gather but it was nice to be horseback. We had to swim/crash through a ice pond/creek to get to the cows. Fancy was awesome she just jumped in and did what needed to be done. She really is coming along great. She has 15-20 rides on her now.

  Until next time take care