Sunday, March 13, 2011


  Sorry its been a while since posting. I have been kinda busy. Learning the ranch here and how we run it. Still trying to get the house settled. Sharon has been doing a great job of getting stuff put away and organized. It is a job I'm glad she is doing. She has more patience than I do. We went from a big house to a smaller one. We like the house we are in better even if its smaller. We will be down sizing a bunch of our junk. We have stuff that just needs to go bye-bye. Either to the dump or Goodwill.
    I need to get out today and trim my mares feet. She is over due. Maybe put a ride on her and check some fence. Checking fence is a great way to learn the pastures.
   I have taken some pictures of the area and some stuff I have been doing but I don't know where the cord for the camera is. I'm sure it will show up, its probably in a box we haven't opened yet. So when I find that I will post some pictures.
  Until next time take care

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dennisranch said...

Sounds like you are enjoying it. I am happy for you both.