Friday, March 18, 2011


   So we have been busy here just trying to catch up on all the jobs that we will never be caught up with.......Its a ranch........ there is always some thing to do or fix. We will never get caught up and we know that. Yesterday the owners of the ranch called and will need a disk we have here, they are gonna pick it up next week. So we got it drug out and went to service it. Meaning grease it and make sure that it is ready to work. We ended up having to take to the disk apart to replace a couple bearings. It was not what we had planned to do. So what we had planned yesterday just got pushed to today and what was planned for today.........Well you get the idea.
   We cleaned and scraped out the calving barn today. We have some cows calving already. They aren't supposed to start till the end of the month. We aren't worried about those cows. Its the first time heifers that we will worry about. They are the ones that can have more problems. The reason they will or can have more problems is they have never calved before. They have smaller body's and don't know what to do. 
    Sounds like next week I will get some saddle time. We will be move cows to the pastures for them to calve. I'm looking forward to that. Hoping something needs to be roped also.
  Until next time take care

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