Sunday, March 27, 2011


    It the end of the week here, Sunday is the end of the week if you ask me. Lets see what has been going on in my life since the last post. Lots of fencing has taken up most of my working days. Fixing fence is some thing I kinda enjoy, I know some will disagree but it some thing I can work at my own pace as long as it gets done. I work by myself and can take the dog. Its just a ranch job that needs to be done.
   Friday night Sharon and I had a great date night. We went to Torrington its about a 45 minute-ish drive for us. We went out for dinner and the Theatre. There is a theatre company in Torrington that puts on plays about every 4 months. We saw "Honk the musicale of the Ugly Duckling" it was really good. I fell asleep once.... but that happens when I stop moving and it is dark and after 9pm. It was really nice to take my wife out for a little culture and a nice dinner.
   Saturday morning I saddled up my mare and trotted her the 4-5 miles to where I met my boss. We gathered up the replacement heifers and trailed them back to my place. Now they are on good grazing. It feels so good to be horse back. We then ran some dinks through the chute and gave them shots and trucked them to pasture.
   Today was great. We slept in and Sharon made a big breakfast of sourdough pancakes with just a touch of cinnamon mixed in, bacon and fried eggs oh yeah I made the coffee. We had a spent the day watching movies and working on the house putting stuff away. My plans to grade the driveway was put away. The weather was not gonna let me. It rained, snowed, sleeted was foggy and sunny. Pretty much every kind of weather. Thats the run down on the goings on here. Sorry no pictures, I took some with my phone but I dont know how to get them here. Take care


dennisranch said...

Sounds like your enjoying it. Glad you two had a night out. As to them pictures, the guy at the phone place set up my email as one of my contacts in the memory of my phone. then supposedly I can just email pictures to myself as a text message, I believe. Heck Sharon is smart, have her set it up!

If your wanting another horse, I have a nice mare, well bred I would give you. She is related to my future stallion I may use and I have too many. Coming 6, bay and had 10 days on her when she was 2. All of her relatives have been real easy to train and no buck in them to speak of. Colonel Freckles and King Fritz x San Peppy bred. About 15 1 hands tall and good bone. Call if your interested 605 985 5419

Sharon said...

It was a great weekend!!! And thanks JB, that's an awesome offer. :)