Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great Weekend

     I started my weekend early Saturday morning, 4:30 am is when the alarm went off. My boss and I left his house at 5:45am. We went to a ranch roping in Thermopolis. We picked up a couple other guys on the way. It was good to meet some people in the area.
     I just went to watch and learn how the ranch ropings work. How the points are given. I guess I should explain how they work. 10-15 roping cows are in an arena they have a number tag on them. The roping team is made of 3 people, one person need to head the cow another needs to rope the heels then the third person is the ground person. The ground person is the one who, after the cow is roped makes sure the ropes are on both front legs and both hind legs. The animal is stretched out between the horses. It is how we would doctor and brand the calves come branding season. This was a timed event if the cow isn't roped roped by the neck in 2 minutes the team is disqualifided. The teams have a total of 5 minutes to complete the job needed.
   It was good to go and see how this one worked some have different rules. I saw a bunch of friends I haven't seen since we moved. It really was a great time. I got home about 2 am so it made for a long day.
    I got to sleep in today till about 6am when the dogs woke us up. Sharon loves me, she got up and put the dogs out then we slept till a little after 7am.
    Today we went to Torrington to watch some of our friends from Dubois run in the chariot races. The races were really close. Our friends didn't win, but dang it was close! It has been a great weekend. Im tired though and think it should be an early night.
Until next time take care

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Sally said...

So glad you had a good time, and able to meet up with old (and new) friends.