Wednesday, March 16, 2011


   The weather here has been really nice the last few days. We have been in the 50's during the days. It is so nice not to wear insulated bibs to stay warm.  My jeans will have to be washed more now that they don't have the bibs to keep them clean.
   We went into town tonight, the library has an event every month. The event this month was a cowboy poet and singer.  Hub Whitt was his name. He sang a bunch of songs and told acouple poems. He seemed to have a hard time remembering songs and some of his poems. He had a great time telling stories and visiting with us the audience though. It was fun listening to the stories. He is a nice guy.
    Some more good news Sharon got a job in town. She is working at the quilting shop. Its a part time job she is helping set up a webpage for the shop. She really likes the shop. So she is now around tons of fabric, that I am pretty sure some of it will find its way into her quilting stash...... I think its really cool that she has such a nack for sewing and quilting. As I am typing this Sharon is doing some red work embroidery.
  Until next time take care

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