Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ft. Laramie

   My Mom came up for a short visit. So we took her for a little tour of our area. We went to Torrington for breakfast/lunch. Not much was open because of the Memorial Day weekend. We had some tasty Mexican food.
   Then we rambled over to Ft. Laramie. It was a great day for touring the fort. Not a lot of visitors yet. It has to be one of the best national parks I have been to. I highly recommend checking it out if you are ever in the area. So here's some pictures of the fort. Here's whats left on the hospital.
This shot is of the hospital from the backside.
The barracks.
Inside the barracks. I thought this was really cool. It really showed how these soldiers lived.
There wasn't alot of comfort for these guys. There are two writing desk's and a checkerboard, and a wood stove.
If you broke any rules you spent time in the guard house. It held 40 or more prisoners with no heat or light or furniture.
The Magazine where they kept the guns and big cannons. I have always liked the Gatling  gun.
The oldest building in Wyoming was built in 1849. "Old Bedlam" it housed the single officers.
This my short tour of Ft. Laramie hope you enjoyed it. There was a lot more to see. It was a great way to spend the day.
   On a side note, the parks like this one that are trying to preserve the history of this great country are under funded. Some of them don't know if they will be able to stay open. But the Government can send billions and trillions of dollars over sea's to country's that never will repay us and aren't our friends. We need to help ourselves before we help other people. Until next time take care.

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