Sunday, May 22, 2011

Leather tools

  I just got my first Barry King tools!!! I got a 28oz maul, swivel knife and a #2 edger. Boy, are they nice! So much better than the Tandy tools I have. Nothing against Tandy tools, they work well for the price. They got me started and now its time to start upgrading tools. Its gonna be a slow upgrade though. Haha..
I got working on my room today and got a bunch of the cludder cleaned up. Im no carpenter but I built a little shelve and hung a peg board so now I'm a little more organized. It is nice not tripping over stuff.
I got it set up pretty nice I think. So it was time to get busy and start cutting more fringe on my chinks.

Well thats all I've got for today. Until next time take care.


Linda said...

They're lookin' good! I have a board mounted below my pegboard with a strip of leather that has a screw and bubble of leather....screw, bubble....that holds my more awkward tools....just a thought. Barry King tools are great!

276ccm said...

Nice tools! Just got my first Barry King maul and hammer style mallet as well.. 20 Oz. They are awesome! :-)