Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday's workings

  Today we worked on building a branding trap. We have an old corral that we are gonna use to brand next week. I'm not saying the corral has holes in it but it holding a tumbleweed is really pushing it. We tightened wires, added wires and put in some posts. It will now hold cows and calves. Woohoo now let the fun begin!
   On my way home I saw some of the prettiest wild flowers I have seen in along time. So I thought I know just the person that if I gave some to would have the biggest smile. I picked a bunch of them for my lovely wife. They wilted by the time I got them home, but the smile was well worth it. Sharon put them in a nice little vase with some water and 15 minutes later there looked great again.
  Finishing the day off with BBQ'd hotdogs, some lame Geogre Clooney movie and my comfy slippers. Life is good. Until next time take care


danardoyle said...

That was very sweet of you! There's nothing nicer than a bunch of hand picked wildflowers!

Jake said...

Dana- I love getting my wife flowers, its the little things that make life great.