Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fencing 4-wheeler

    This is what happens when you get two guys rained in a shop. This is something we were talking about doing but the the two days of being rained in gave us the push we needed, and time needed. We have a lot of fencing to do and this creation should really help. This is the rack that was on the 4-wheeler. Sorry I don't have a picture of it on the wheeler.
   So we started out building this rack. We think it turned out pretty good. It is gonna be nice for hauling mineral and salt out to the cows.
     Then we got thinking and a little more planning and designing. This is the off-spring of that. We are getting the ultimate fencing rig put together.
     This little creation we built can carry 15-20 steel posts. We built it slanted so that gravity would help hold the posts in. It also narrows it up so there isn't as much hanging out.
      We did have the wire roll on the front off the wheeler and it made it hard to see around and the balance was all off. That much weight hanging on the front corner made it hard to steer as well. If we needed to unroll wire we had to drive backwards. Pain in the neck! So we came up with this gem to unroll wire. It just slides right in. Everything we built comes off really easy to, only thing that doesn't is the main frame that is solid built to the wheeler.
    This is the front box, a can of staples, a can of fence clips, two wire stretchers, bolt cutters and fence plyers.
   I took it out on its maiden voyage yesterday. It works great!! This machine can go places that you can't take a pick-up. Until next time take care.