Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday stills- In the sky

  I went out the other evening to get a picture of the sunset and this is what I saw out the front door.
This picture was taken ove the roof of the old barn.

The loading chute.
That it for now. Take care until next time.


Lee said...

Wow, a double rainbow. What does it mean?! :)

Beautiful photos!

dibear said...

Beautiful!! Aren't rainbows awesome? :)

Devin Greaney said...

And they are fleeting they go so rapidly.. and the countrysie really works with the rainbows, too

Brenda said...

perfect rainbows! I think there was rain everywhere this past week! But we only had storms, with no rainbows!

Linda said...

I'm jealous.......I haven't seen one yet this year! Good job!