Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hunting camp

  Off to hunt camp tomorrow. I'll be guiding for antelope and acouple deer this year. Its really not a "camp" its a lodge. Here's the link So this my last night with my bride for about two and a half weeks.
   Sharon is off to Salt Lake City of the Sewing Summit for acouple days. Sharon is pretty shy around people and she was nervous going last year. Now its all she thinks about. She has made lots of friends online and she get to meet alot of them there. Its pretty cool. She is picking up a friend that lives in the UK. I guess you could call it a girls weekend get away. Quilters and Knitters gone wild!!
  Still no rain here. Its scaring dry. Its cooling down we have been in the low 80's days low 40's at nights. Here's a picture I found. Kinda cool formation.
Until next time take care


Crystal said...

Have fun at your men's week and Sharon with her ladies, you guys will have some good stories to share when you get back together again I'm sure.

Kate said...

Jake - wonderful photo! Enjoyed catching up w/ you on blog. Hope Sharon has a wonderful time. Photo of her in sweater is great!
Glad to know things are going well baby-wise.