Friday, September 14, 2012

Water tanks

  Last couple days I have been working on putting in new water tanks at my house. The big old metal one rusted out so I put in this rubber tire tank.
Here's a shot of it with dirt in it. I will top it off with concrete then set the float valve in it.

I had really cool old concrete tank but it was leaking so I tore it out as well. When I was setting the tank this morning everything was going great til I accidentally moved the tire and broke the riser pipe. So Im digging through the old concrete. Got to find the joint its probaly 5-6 feet down below frost line.
  Thats what Ive been doing. Until next time take care.


Crystal said...

We have a few neighbors with those tire waterers, mostly over springs. They seem to work well. Hope you find the riser without too much digging.

amprotec said...

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