Saturday, October 13, 2012


Im home for the night visiting with my Mom. She came all the way from California just to watch the dogs for us. Yeah MOM!!!!! Thank you so much!
  I'm back guding tomorrow afternoon then season ends in acouple days. Guiding is long days and short nights....
  Here's a some of the animals we harvested.
Here's a Father and Son hunt.
And here's the Dad's Goat.

My first Combo hunt with Stan. We were hunting Antelope and Deer. Lots of pressure on these hunts. Leave at 5am and not get back to the lodge til almost 8pm. The hard work paid off!!
24 1/2" 4x4 Buck. We think it weighed close to 250pounds. Big boy.
I'm guiding some coyote hunters tomorrow then Antelope on Monday.
Thats what I have for now hoping to have more pictures......Click on them make em bigger.
Until next time take care


Crystal said...

Nice antelopes!!! We got lots around here, and we see them so often I can recognize them, specially the one with the crooked horn, lol.

Sally said...

Thanks for having me!!! It was such a treat for me when you came past with your hunter Stan and his trophy animals, he was so pleased ;-)