Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Date

      My bride talked me into working today insted of yesterday so I could go with her to the Fiber Fair in Scottsbluff NE. It was nice to just spend time wondering around and looking at stuff. We didn't have any time pressure, THAT was so nice! We took my truck and I had a new radio put in. The old one died. The new radio plays an iPod. Sharon gave me her old one so I've been putting music on it. We stopped at the radio store and the guy there said it would about a 30 minute to put it in. So we went next door and had lunch. He was done when we got back.
    Went to the Fiber fair. They had tons of fiber aka wool. It was cool seeing Sharon in her element. She had fun looking and talking to vendors. She is kinda shy so me being there helps her. Sharon has been spinning wool on a drop spindle and wants to get a spinning wheel. There was a vendor that rents wheels. We came home with a wheel to try out. It doesn't look like the old classic wheels. It's a fold up travel model. Sharon has played on the classic models and really liked them.This one will give her the chance to spin up a bunch of wool into thread and see if she likes spinning. I think we will be getting a wheel in the future. They are kinda expensive but whats not. The craftmanship on the classic type wheels in just awesome. Here's the wheel folded up.
The wheel set up and ready to use. The front view.
Well until next time take care.


Crystal said...

Sure does look different than any I have ever seen.

lisa said...

Now that sure is different, I am used to seeing the really old ones.(which I do have one) I am more into the weaving end of the fiber than the spinning. You will have fun with that machine!