Monday, September 3, 2012

At Rest

     So we went to Dubois WY on Friday and yes it was another whirlwind trip. We celebrated my Dads life on Saturday. We buried his ashes in the morning and then had an open house at the VFW club in the afternoon for the public. We laid him to rest next to his parents.
   I made a box and Sharon made quilt for the urn.
  My Dad was a Mason so the Masons came down and and we had Darwin the pastor of the church Sharon and I went to it Crowheart do the service. It was really nice.  My Uncle, Aunt and I spoke about Dad.

My Dads headstone . The little note next to it is kinda our way of grieving.
  We did a some crying in the morning and laughing in the afternoon. We celebrated two birthdays Saturday night. My great Aunt Anita turned 80 and my cousin Lori turned 40.
The family. Sharon was feeling tired and went to bed so she's not in the picture.
Rest in Peace Dad. You will be missed.


aurora said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. Very nice tribute post.

Shirley said...

I think your dad would have liked the box and quilt- because they were made with love. May his soul rest in peace.