Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whirl wind weekend

   I posted that my Dad passed away last week. So we make a quick trip to Dubois. My cousin from Denver came up for my Uncle and Aunt's 44th anniversary. We had family around to help go through my Dad's stuff looking for important papers and to clean the house up. It was a rough time. Lots of hugs and some tears.
  My Dad liked to stay at home and really didn't get out much. Or so we thought. It seemed that every store we went to people said they will miss him dropping in and chatting for a couple minute or seeing him at the post office. A friend of ours from Dubois said one time that Dubois "Is the island of misfit toys". Kinda funny if you dont fit in anywhere else you probaly will fit in Dubois. I am so happy my Dad got to spend the last couple years of his life here in Wyoming. From his front window you looked out on the Wind River Mountains. He had a spotting scope he liked to look at the deer and elk on the mountain. Out his back door he looked out on the badlands. That was were he would take his walks and ride his horse.
  My Dad and I had a rough go for a bunch of years. I don't think of those years. They were wasted but  to me the sad part is the future. I will miss sharing and growing tighter with him. I think of all the things I wanted to do and share with him. Thats what make me sad. I wanted him to come help at one of our branding's and see more of what I love to do. I know he would have loved that. I really am very happy that we did get as close as we did. I will always cherish when he came out and helped me feed cows this year. I think I'm starting to get some much needed sleep now. I have been having a hard time sleeping.
  On our way home we hit wind out of Shoshoni 45mph breezes and it just went up from there. The Hwy 25 going to Wheatland was closed because winds were over 75mph. Now thats getting windy. When we got home we called my Uncle letting them know we were home safe. Find out that my cousin's house was being threated by the fires in Denver. They had a friend go over and get the computer and pictures and some other stuff. It looks like they will be safe but dang thats not what we needed to hear and think about.
  I'm glad to be back at work. It really helps keep the mind busy.
Sharon has been great though this whole deal. So I think I'll go give her a big hug and start grilling us some dinner now.
  Until next time take care


Shirley said...

I hope you find peace this tough time for you.

Jinglebob said...

Yup, Shirley summed it up exactly. Time heals all wounds.

Linda said...

Yes, time heals, I lost my Dad under similar circumstances. Be well!

Crystal said...

Sounds like a tough go, but you will get through it, and work does help forget for a while.

Serenity said...

So glad he was enjoying Wyoming. He had a huge smile showing us pictures and getting the map out to show us his new home. There are a few places we will be going to when we come out this summer.