Thursday, March 8, 2012

This week

   Been feeding cows in the mornings. In the afternoons been working in the shop building a bumper/grill guard for the service truck. We got a winch from an old truck at HQ. So we had to make it fit. Its coming along really good almost done with it. I'll get a picture of the finished deal. We can use the winch to pull water wells and fix windmills.
  Today we gathered up our replacement heifers and did some sorting of them and shipped some over the HQ, They brought some over here. We did a trade of sorts.
  My boss found a leak in one of the waterlines today. We have been looking for the leak for a couple months. We will be fixing the leak tomorrow. Sure will be nice to get the water pressure back where in needs to be. It will fill the water tanks so much faster.
   We will get to rope tomorrow night. Looking forward to that. Here's a picture of me at the last time we got together and roped. I'm in the black and Bryan is in the tan.
 Good times with good people.
Here's Cord with his favorite piece of snow.....
Until next time take care

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Shirley said...

It's nice to have an indoor arena to play in in the winter months- and like minded people to do stuff with.