Sunday, March 11, 2012


      It's the day of the stupid time change. Wish them would just leave time alone.
I bought a new laptop computer yesterday so I'm doing this blog on it. It wasn't really that spendy. I think it will do what I need. It's a Toshiba, I got it at Best Buy. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistle's but for what I do I think it will be just fine. So Sharon gets her computer back now she dont have to share anymore. :)
   I just kinda relaxed today. I finished reading a CJ Box book. Kinda puttered around the house. Then I took Roller out of a little ride. We worked on flexing his neck. He kinda gits stiff an puts a brace in there when I ask him to give. Working on getting him supple an soft.Im riding him in a hackamore now I had him in a bridle bit but I want a solid horse this then the two rein will be best for him. Then I roped a fence post and worked on sliding rope. He will plant his feet and not want to move. We worked on back strait and sliding rope. Got went slow and easy. I need lots of practice sliding rope I tend to lock my rope down. So this excercise really helps both of us.

Sliding rope, having him pull here.
  But this here is the crowning glory of the day!!!! Sharon made this quilt for me. I think its pretty dang cool errrr umm warm. Hehe. Sharon was in a quilt swap type of deal and all the block are made by other people they sent them to her. Sharon sent them a picture of me and said I was a ranch hand and loved the outdoors. So they were supposed to send a quilt block that related to that theme. Some people were really awesome and did a great job!! Some kinda missed the whole theme thing and did they're own deal. But what the heck It turned out really cool. Some of the blocks where differante sizes so Sharon had to made them fit. Sharon squared them of and made them the same size with bandana type fabric. I think my favorite block is the horse in the upper corner. The center block say's 'Don't fence me in' Pretty cool.
Click on the pics makes em bigger.  Until next time take care    


Shirley said...

Really nice quilt- good payback for the hours spent sitting in the fabric shops huh?

Sarah said...

like Shirley's comment about hours in a fabric shop. Yeah....that's easy to do! Cool that Sharon is in a quilt block swap group! That sounds really fun! And the quilt is awesome! I'm sure it was a challenge getting all to size up to go together. The horse looks great! Sounds like the two of you are learning together. When you get done with him, I'll send a few of mine down. :)

Linda said...

You have a great wife!

Jinglebob said...

Cool post!

You probably already know this, but when Roller gets bracy, be sure and just tug on one rein at a time and get his feet to free u that way. Also you can put your feet into him like you were asking him to move out, while backing. He will figure it out.

That is a petty ugly quilt. Better send it to me to hide for you. ;-)

mansuetude said...

beautiful wide open horizon you have. the quilt is awesome.