Monday, March 12, 2012

Grilling tonight

    It was a really nice day. It was in the 60's felt just like a spring day. I was thinking it would be a great night to grill up some burgers. Sharon had the same idea just grill something different than burgers. She was wanting Brats so we boiled them in beer then grilled them with some veggie's.
We have red bell peppers with swiss cheese and a sprinkle of blue cheese, Zuccini's with Lawry's season salt, Green peppers and blue cheese. Normally we use Jalapeno's but we were out. The Brat's and fresh pineapple. We have never grilled pineapple before but is sure is darn tasty!!!
Sharon had got a lot of veggie's from the Bountiful Basket deal. I guess it's a co-op deal. She got some BokCho in the basket. I have had BokCho before and didn't like it but I like the way she made this. This was dinner tinight pretty dang easy  and tasty! Might top it off with a bag of popcorn later.
Until next time take care


Crystal said...

MMM that does look good! We have ventured out to bbq a few times this year but its been pretty chilly by the time we are finished

Ed said...

Grilled pineapple? Now I'll have to try that, I've had it on pizza with some Bruchetta, now thats tasty..:-)