Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ranch ropin

   We roped last night in an arena. It was nice in there, a little dusty but not bad. Be we were out of the wind! My boss brought over some steers for us to rope. There was 10 of us roping. It was really nice to met some new people. Getting to watch and learn. Got some good practice in. One of the guy's that was there is a horse trainer and does them mustang make overs. Him and his wife, both super horse handy and ropey. We cut a calf out and did some cutting work. Really cool to watch how smooth and fast a good cutting horse is. I tried cutting with Roller he did pretty good. It was the 5 or 6th time Ive riden him. So Im still really learning how he works and thinks.
   The trainer rode his horse with his arm's folded acrossed his chest for a couple minutes. I've heard about it and seen pictures but never live. It was really cool!! I learned alot just watching how he moved his body to guide the horse. Then we got to roping. We just had fun doing what we all love doing. Roller did pretty good roping. He has a few things that we need to work on. I'm really happy with him. Heres a picture of my new bit and rein chains my In-laws got for my Birthday. The reins are the one's I got on our honeymoon over two years ago at Capriola's in Elko. This is the first time they have ever been used, they have been wall hangers till I got a nice bit for them.
   I worked with Roller today. I used him on Friday to mover some cows around. I loaded him in the trailer Friday morning. The trailer had snow and some ice on the floor and he wasn't thrilled to load after saddling at HQ but he did. When we were done working I went to load and he really balked but did load. When I got him home I unloaded him then tried to reload him. Wasn't gonna happen. I cleaned out the trailer Saturday and threw some dirt in to give footing. I had to bribe him with grain to get in to go to the roping. After the roping he would'nt load. So we jumped another horse in then he hopped right in. I worked with him this afternoon to load him. I had to pull him in with a rope through the trailer. He put up a fight be I worked him through it. Got him in the trailer and out 6 times. I'll work on the trailering issue for awhile to make sure he's over it.
   I took him for a ride this afternoon and I worked on trying to ride with my body. Using leg and body cue's to turn and stop and go. It was the first time I've ever been connected with a horse like that. It felt really great. I need a lot of work on it. Roller seems to be understanding of me. We got walked and went slow. We went about 1 1/2 miles. It was cold and starting to spit snow. My fingers were numb when we got home. But dang it felt good to put what I learned last night to use. Here we are after the ride.

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Until next time take care


Jinglebob said...

Great looking set up and great post! Stick with it. It's a great feeling isn't it?

Sally said...

Nice post and picture, enjoyed reading it.

Shirley said...

Roller will likely be a great horse and willing partner for you, have fun with your horsemanship!

Crystal said...

Sounds like Roller will be a good horse, i m sure he will get over the loading issue with you helping him too. I like teh bit and reins