Saturday, February 11, 2012

Breaking Ice and Feeding

 Here's the sunrise this morning. Its kinda a fuzzy shot but the colors were just amazing. Better in real life.
Rolling out hay for the lady's.

I really like this gal she has the face of a character. She is also one of the few red cows in this pasture.

Now time to break ice, here's a rubber tire tank. They are great! They dont rust, and are pretty much indestructible.

Ice broke and the tool that does the dirty work, The axe. I didn't get the pitchfork that scoops the out out in the shot.
Hope you enjoyed the photo show. By the way today was cold. I don't think we got over 15 degrees. Clicking on the pics makes em bigger
Until next time take care


Jinglebob said...

Brrr, looks like that around here also!

Shirley said...

We might get called the great white north in Canada, but it's a lot warmer here! How are those tanks made other than the tire? what is used for the bottom?

Jake said...

Shirley- The bottom is concrete. The other tanks are galavnized steel.