Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dad's Visit

   When we went to Dubois for Christmas I bought a horse. I  borrowed my Dads trailer to get Roller home. So he came down this weekend to pick up his trailer and spent some time visiting. Ol' Pops went with me to work today. It was a beautiful spring like day. It was nice to get to show him the ranch and part of what I do. We just fed cows today and checked water. Oh yeah it sure was nice to have someone get gates :)
  When we got home tonight we worked on putting a new trailer plug in the bed of my truck.
  I BBQ'd steak's and made baked tators and sauted some onions and mushrooms. Sharon made the salad. Very tasty dinner I must say.
 Until next time take care

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Shirley said...

Sounds like what we had for dinner last night. Love the photo of the trail of cows.
Treasure your time with your dad, my dad will not be with us much longer and I often think about the things I wish we could have done together.