Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday the 13th

  Not to much happened here today. Feed cow's and broke ice this morning, you know the usual. This afternoon it warmed up and was nice to work outside. I finished the feed bunk we started a couple day's ago. I like to weld and I'm learning to fabricate aka build things.
   I took off my old sweatshirt and was wearing my fleece under it and should have taken the fleece off. I have welding splatter burns all over it. Oh well... kinda sucks. But the saying is don't wear something to work you cant afford to ruin.  Here's the finished feed bunk. Thats the saddle barn on the right and an old calving shed on the left.
This is gonna be nice because now we have 2 pens to keep horse's in and can feed them.

Until next time take care

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Crystal said...

Looks good, sure is more fun to weld stuff when there is a use for it