Monday, July 11, 2011

Week of the 4th

I tried getting some pictures of the fireworks........ But with my camera that the viewfinder is broken, I think I'm still getting good pictures though. It just makes it more of a challenge. I might break down and buy a new camera. So here is a firework shot.
  Tuesday we branded some calves that were around 550-600 pounds. They were fun to rope!! We headed and healed. We had some smaller ones also. We did about 50 calves. There was just four of us roping, so we had three roping and one to work the ground. Kevin's wife came over and helped. I learned alot! I just need to do more of it. Saturday my boss and I went over to his friends and helped him brand some calves. We healed them there. Boy, do I need practice healing calves. Then we went up to our Lance Creek pasture and got a calf out of the neighbors pasture.
   Lusk has a really cool production the town puts on every year. It was started in 1945 it went on for a number of years then stopped and they started it up again in 1986. Its called the Legend of Rawhide. It the story of how the Rawhide Buttes got their name. If your ever in the area in July make sure to see the show!! I'll let the picture tell most of the story. Heres the Indians are playing games and living the life.
 Here comes the settlers on their way the goldfields of California. That wagon is being pulled by oxen. They are BIG!
Indians attacking the wagons.
Thats about all I have for now. Well almost. We went over to Scottsbluff on Sunday for shopping. We took the long way over. We stopped at the Agate Fossil beds. Its a really cool place. If your into fossils check it out. Until next time take care.

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