Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday date

    I got Saturday off, so Sharon and I had a date afternoon. It was a great day!! We went to the hardware store got some needed supplies. Then went over to the Pizza Place for lunch. They have great food!! Then we just kinda wandered around town. Went into the Radio Shack and got a emergency weather radio. So we can stay updated on the weather in our area. We then ambled over to the town museum and looked at the history of our new home, Lusk. Boy there was alot of thing that happened here. The museum is just full of old pictures and just nifty old stuff! Like a two headed calf!
Here's an Iron lung machine. I don't know how they worked..........But here one is.
Here is the stagecoach that ran from Deadwood to Casper.
  When we got home we were gonna BBQ and eat outside on the front landing. Just a nice dinner and enjoy where we live. Mother Nature had other plans for us. She opened the show with a thunderstorm. Which knocked out the power so we fired up the weather radio. Guess what? It didn't work very well at all, It barely pulled in the station from Douglas. So we will take it back. Sharon light the lanterns and we listened to Festus tell us everytime it thundered. We got 3tenths of an inch of rain in the storm. It only rained maybe ten minutes. I asked Sharon to dance with me outside on the front patio and we watched the lighting blast the sky apart east of us. It was a great lighting show playing off the clouds.
  So much for our romantic dinner outside. The power came back on a little later and we made a steak salad with leftovers and rootbeer floats. Still a great night!!
Until next time take care

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Wander Woman said...

Sounds like you still had a nice day! I like the dancing on the porch part!