Sunday, July 3, 2011


     Well summer got here and its hot!! Not as hot as other places but its hot enough for me. We are gonna start haying here this coming week.
   My horse Bart cut his shoulder so I took him to the vet on Wednesday. He got a drain tube put in, and I've been DR'ing him everyday. He is healing fast so thats good. He is a big wimp when it come to getting his shots or just about anything. I am learning tons from him though.
    We went to a new church today and met some people in town. We are looking for a good place to worship. We have gone to a church in Torrington but its just under an hour from us and we want some thing a little closer.
   We are looking forward to the 4th of July fireworks in town tomorrow. I hope everyone takes a minute to remember the reason we are celebrating tomorrow. Until next time take care.

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Shirley said...

Have a great 4th!