Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Home

  Here's a picture of our "yard."  I went out to check water for the heifers and took this shot looking at our home.
Here's the heifers trailing off water. Just playing follow the leader.
This is a sunset.
If you click on my photo's they will get bigger. Well that it for tonight. Until next time take care.


Shirley said...

Terrific sunset! Looks like pretty good ranching country there.

Jake said...

Shirley- Its great ranching country out here. Grows great cows.

Judy Johnson said...

Jake, I grew up around Cheyenne and know the Lusk area pretty well. Or I used to! We had friends who ranched there who have finally sold out and moved elsewhere. I have gotten to read all of your blog posts yet so the answer might be in one I haven't read yet, but where did you live before landing in Lusk, WY? Look forward to keeping up with your thru your blog!

Jake said...

Judy- We lived out of Baker MT before moving to Lusk. Before that it was Dubois WY. We are from California originally but we say we are recovering Californian's. Best thing we ever did was move from California.