Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cow work

    We are getting everything set up to brand next week. So we are sorting pairs and dry's out. "Dry's are cows that didn't get pregnant".
   Thursday we were gonna go sort pairs out of one of our pastures but we ended up sorting the neighbors yearling steers out of our yearling replacement heifers. Jeepers creepers is there is anything dumber than yearlings? It is kinda funny to watch 20-30 yearlings chase a jack rabbit. Poor rabbit.
  Friday we went down and gathered one of our bigger pastures.  Just guessing,  I "we, my horse and I"  trotted 15-20 miles gathering pairs. I felt so good! I love being horseback. I rode my lil mare she still has a long way to go with her training. But dog gone if she cant just step out and travel! I love that she has her motor so so close to the skin. When we got done there we added the finishing touch's on the corral we are gonna brand in.
    My boss had some of his friends come out to help us work cows and brand. They helped us sort off pairs today. It is nice to have the extra help. I got to cut pairs out of the herd today. Pretty cool. I'm learning a lot!
  Sharon and I are pretty excited. We just started looking looking for a riding lawn mower. My wife is AWESOME she found one in Cheyenne. The price is something we can fit in our budget. So unless something happens we will be the proud owners of a Craftsman Riding mower. I am really happy about this it means that Sharon will be able to mower our yard. Hehehe.
  Until next time take care


Shirley said...

How to make the wife happy- get her a riding lawn mower! Trust me, it's true.

danardoyle said...

Very interesting - I know nothing about cows. Sure looks beautiful where you all live!