Saturday, June 11, 2011

Book review

  I just finished reading a great book. I would like to share it. The book is "Pulling Leather by Reuben B. Mullins".  Reuben writes about the five years he cowboyed in eastern Wyoming. He talks about the area that I live in. So that is really cool. He talks about gathering cows in the Lance creek area, which to me is something kinda special. We summer some of our cows on Lance creek. It is cool to think I will be riding cows the same way that Reuben did over a hundred and twenty years ago. One of the differences is there are fences everywhere now.
    Its just a really good book and it is one that I will reread again, probably a couple times. It is an inspiring book. I had all kinds of things to write about the book but my mind is going flat. Hope you all get a copy and enjoy it as much I as I have. Well until next time take care


dennisranch said...

Yup, that's a good'un. I have read it several times. He gives a great idea of what it was like to be an outsider and brought into this life and work. There are several others very similar, but I can't think of the names of them at this minute. If you are interested, let me know and I will do a search.

Jake said...

JB- That would be great if you could dig up them books. Thanks again.

dennisranch said...

Okay here goes,

Nothing but Sky and Grass, can't find it so don't know the authors name
Cowboy Life by George Philip, a nephew of Scotty Philip
The Exploits of Ben Arnold by Lewis Crawford
From the Pecos to the Powder by Ramon Adams and Bob Kennon
Dakota, the Autobiography of a Cowman by W H Hamilton
One Man's West by David Lavender
Trail Dust and Saddle Leather, can't remember the author
The Cowboy's Manual by Fay Ward

These are all good and I have a bunch more but can't find them, can't remember the names at the moment. Come visit and I will loan you some if you Promise! to get them back to me! I hate losing these.
Also, all of the books by Ben Green are good and also the two by Spike Van Cleve "A Day Late and a Dollar Short" and "40 Years Gathering" are great also.

Jake said...

JB- I have Fay Ward what a great book!! I read the Ben Green books a couple years ago and need to find them again. Thanks for sharing all these great books! If any of my readers are looking for something to read here is a great list to start with. Thanks again.