Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good day

Spent most of the day horseback under breezy blue Wyoming sky's. We moved the pairs we branded last week to another pasture. I got to rope and Dr. a calf that was sick. I'm learning so much. My boss showed me a way to build my loops faster. So I will be practicing that along with roping the dumby.
   Then we moved some yearling bulls in the trailer to my house. Jumped our horses out of the trailer and moved the yearling heifers to another pasture that has more grass. My boss and I talked about moving heifers and the best way. I'm learning so much about stockmanship.  Sometimes I get so much information my mind swims. Haha At least its swimming and not sinking. I finished the day off by trimming one of my horse's. So really good day.
   Got home to my wife who was working on the garden. I love driving up to the house and being greeted by the dogs every evening. It's good to see the "kids" happy to see me.
  Until next time take care


Shirley said...

Sounds like a pretty good few days for you. What kind of dogs?

Jake said...

Shirley- We have two heeler crosses and a Corgi. Oh and this was just today. Yesterday I was fencing.