Sunday, August 24, 2014


I enjoy fishing. It's a great way to relax. I'm learning to flyfish. I've only caught 2 fish this way but it's fun. Now that we live so close to the North Platte river. I want to really get into it. It's a great way for us as a family to do something together. The other day we went to Casper and bought Ruby a fishing pole. It's a little kids one. It's character is Toystory.
We stopped by the river this morning and Sharon got to fish for the first time. She didn't catch anything or get a nibble. But she had fun and wants to go more. She really enjoyed casting and trying to do better on every cast. I'm really happy she enjoyed it so much. It's gonna be so much fun taking my girl's fishing and picnicking. Here's my bride fishing.

It really was fun watching her. She got to fish I got to wrangle Ruby. Lol I know who got the better end of that deal.
There is a fly fishing club in Casper. I think I'm gonna join. They sound like a really good group. Sharon might be interested in fly fishing. So it would be a great family outing.
Until next time take care


Shirley said...

I'm a spin caster myself, although I haven't fished for years. My husband doesn't like eating fish. But I used to enjoy the quality wilderness experience of just getting out on the river- so peaceful.

Crystal said...

I have never been a fisher but I can see how it would be relaxing and even better if you can do it as a family