Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Alway be home

Dubois Wyoming will always be home to us. It doesn't matter where we live. It's where Sharon and I started our lives together. Where we would love to live again. It's where we plan to retire.
It just doesn't have a strong economic base to support a family. Tourism is huge here but that's mainly seasonal work.
Logging and ranching were the main source of employment. Now there is no logging. There were 3 sawmills in town now all gone. The big ranches have been broken up. Now its dude ranches in summer and snowmobiling in winter. Hunting season was also a big income for the town but the wolves have been really hard on the elk and deer population.
The people of the town are great! Very friendly treated us like lost family from the get go. We went and visited last weekend. It was the busy weekend of the year. The volunteer fire department had the 57th annual buffalo bbq. The high school reunion for every year. The quilt show and the Chance Phelps 5k. Oh normally there is a chariot race as well. Pretty packed weekend. That's why we went. Your bound to see everyone you want to see.
We stayed in my aunt and uncles guest cabin. They have a place on the Wind River.

That's about it for now. Until next time take care.

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Shirley said...

Gotta love small towns, and those wide open Wyoming spaces. Sad to hear about the ranches breaking up and the sawmills gone.