Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shooting star

In the last week I have seen at least one big shooting star every night. The other night I remembered your supposed to make a wish on a falling star. So I was going to and started to say the poem then realized. What could I possibly need? I have a good job that provides well for my family. I like my job. It's not ranching but I think we have grown closer as a family since I started in the oilfields. I think is the fact now that we have financial security. Money goes to savings and towards retirement. Yet still can have a comfortable lifestyle. We can go places and enjoy doing things. We have a nice comfortable home. I have a beautiful amazing wife. A beautiful daughter who is my world. We are debt free other than the home. My wife gets to be a stay at home mother. I completely drew a blank on what to make a wish for. We have everything we need.
I'm sure more money, a bigger home, less hours working. Blah blah blah. But we are happy with what we have and appreciate what we do have. If we want or need something we will save for it.
These two people make my world complete. I can't imagine living without them. Look at the smiles and happiness. It makes the long hours and sacrifices worth it.

Until next time take care

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Shirley said...

Sometimes it's good to just count blessings instead of wishing for something else. You've got a good life going!