Friday, July 31, 2015

Long time posting

So its been a looong time since I've posted anything. I don't know what to write. So I guess I'll give an update on the most important people in my life. Sharon and I went fishing/picnicking at the local lake. Ruby had a blast! We are learning how to fish together. I've only fished mountain streams so lake fishing is totally different. I got this great picture of my girls. I love Ruby's confidence that we were gonna catch something.

Just to give an idea of how strong willed and fun Ruby is. We told her she could not go swimming, we have a little kiddy pool that she splashes around in. This is how we found her 2 minutes later.

Yes, thats the dogs water bowl. Lol
Me standing in front of my work truck. I call her Big Nose K.

We had a great family reunion in July. Lots of fun! Sure great to catch up and get the kids together. We bbq'ed and lit fireworks over the river at my Uncles river shack.

The view from the shack.

Well I'm going to get back to work.
Take care until next time.


Shirley said...

Hey nice to see you back! Your daughter sure is growing, what, no little brother for her yet? :0)
Beautiful view along the river.

aurora said...

Wow your little girls gotten big! Guess they do that, even when we rather they didn't. Nice pics! The one of you & Big Nose K is complete with sunglass reflection. Gorgeous view from the shack!

Crystal said...

Sounds like life is good! Glad to hear the update and all is going well.