Wednesday, June 25, 2014


So we are still moving in. Trying to get things put away. We still have half my stock trailer to unload. Its kinda overwhelming. It is so nice though to have a house that we call home. It is coming together just taking a bit longer then we would like it to.
My Mom just got here today for a visit. She had a heck of a time with the airlines. They cancelled her flight put her on stand by. She lucked out an get one of the first flights out. Had a really nice day with her and my girls. Had a great breakfast in Casper. Then did some shopping. Now home waiting for my work assignment tonight.
Here's a hoodshot of the sunrise from my truck the other morning. It was the second night I had to throw chains because of the mud.

Chained up and ready to go.

My co-pilot on the lawn mower. She is such a big helper.

Well until next time take care.


Shirley said...

Having moved several times over the last decade or two, I can sympathise!
Be careful with that precious child on the lawn mower! They are dangerous for kids.

Cindy D. said...

I'm headed up to Casper for a visit in 2 days. I am excited, I miss the wide open spaces for sure! I heard it has been raining a lot there. No fun running a truck in that mud....must be oil patch work! LOL

Your baby girl is getting so big so fast!

Crystal said...

yuck I hate chains, specially in mud. But work is work.